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Stainless-Steel Extension Pliers

For Micro Ring & Pre Bonded Hair Extensions
Item number: 1216
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The Elegance-Hair stainless steel extension pliers meet the highest quality requirements. This universal plier allows you to integrate micro rings, remove existing pre bonded hair extensions, and remove existing micro rings.
  • high quality stainless steel
  • special notch in the inside of the pliers for micro rings and keratin bonds
  • easy removal of all types of bonded hair extensions
  • easy application and removal of all types of micro ring hair extensions
  • easy to handle, no effort required
  • professional manufacturing & polishing
  • ergonomically shaped


For the integration of micro ring hair extensions, take a micro ring and pull a strand of your own hair through it. You can do so with the help of our special stainless steel micro rings needle. Take the I- tip hair extension and slide it into the micro ring. Now you can take the hair extension plier in order to clamp the rings onto your natural hair and to hold them in place. For the removal of micro ring hair extensions you just need to push them open with the corrugated surface of the plier. For the removal of pre bonded hair extensions, spray the keratin bonds with our hair extensions remover and allow it to take effect. Afterwards you can push them open with the plier.
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