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Procustomer Discounts

for Professional Users.

Naturally we offer separate discount arrangements to customers who have a higher demand and purchase more than the customary quantities. In addition we offer these customers access to special, tailored offers.

To make the pro-customer discount as easy as possible you can apply for a Classic, Silver or Gold-Card depending on your annual purchase quantity. You’ll find your personal discount code, which is valid online, by phone or e-mail, on your card.

As a prerequisite for an application your purchases have to exceed one of the following threshold values (gross). If you meet these thresholds, you will get an additional discount on every following order.
  • Classic Card
    from 1000,00 € / year
    10 % Discount
  • Silver Card
    from 2500,00 € / year
    12 % Discount
  • Gold Card
    from 5000,00 € / year
    15 % Discount
If you have exceeded one of the threshold values, you can fill in the form below. After you have entered your details you will receive your personal customer card by mail. Your card is valid for exactly one year, starting from the date of issue. The discount expires automatically.

If you already have a customer card and you exceed another threshold, you can use the form below to apply for an update of your discount status.

Unfortunately we cannot offer you a discount if your purchase quantity is below 1000,00 €. Neither can we offer you a discount based on estimated purchase quantities. If you have got any further questions concerning our pro-customer discount our customer service is happy to help!

Apply for the pro-customer discount/Update the pro-customer discount

Yes, I have bought products worth
1000,00 € 2500,00 € 5000,00 €
from Elegance-Hair within one year. For further orders I would like to use the pro-customer discount and ask for the delivery of my personal customer card. My former orders can be tracked via my
name (*) and ZIP-code (*)